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Absolutely amazing! Kim is definitely the girl to go to when you need a dreamcatcher. You will not be disappointed. The details and creativity she out into each and every one of these blows me away! Thank you so much.Ā 

Carolina Garcia

Im so impressed with the creativity & craftsmanship that go into these. They're just perfect!

Alex Forester

Perfect! Looks so cute hanging from my rear view mirror.

Heather Benton

I pre-ordered two pairs of the bride and groom Mickey pins not realizing how close their arrival would cut to the wedding of the people I was gifting them to. I reached out to Kim to see if there was any way she'd be able to let me know exactly when they'd be expected to arrive, and she was more than willing to help expedite the shipping to get them here on time.Ā 

She's been exceedingly kind and helpful, and quickly responsive whenever I've reached out to her throughout the process. I already knew the pins would be cute from the looks of the design, but the design was no comparison to how they actually turned out!! The pins were PERFECT and I can't wait to buy from the shop again! Thank you!! ā¤ļø

Nicki M

Kimā€™s pins are amazing i love them and they are an amazingly made. Also Kim has the best customer service, which leads me to say that Kimā€™s pins are so durable they can be run over and survive (while packaged) and she incredible replaced all of my pins that were involved in the incident even though it was completely out of everyones control. She is a pleasure to shop with.Ā 

Jamie P.

Kim is the sweetest person ever, and her personality is perfectly reflected in her work. There is so much love in everything she makes and she is the easiest person to communicate with. She does everything in her power to make sure you have the best shopping experience and her products are some of the highest quality products I've ever purchased. You don't wanna miss out on these amazing products!


So I've ordered a few things from this shop. So far everything comes in safe and sound. Perfectly wrapped I'veĀ never had to beĀ afraid of receiving broken products. Everthing is made with love and perfection. Everytime I check the mail and see her signature stamp I feel like a kid again. I will forever be a loyal customer!!!

Jessica Olivares