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BUILD-YOUR-OWN Wooden Ears (Read Item Description)

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Choose your own stain color (see images for options) and select whether you would like a bow or flower crown. 

Due to the level of customization needed for a custom pair of ears, I will require either your instagram name or your email (whichever is easiest to communicate with) to contact so you may select your preferred bow or flower crown. 

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. 

These ears are made from natural pine wood. Cut, sanded, and stained by hand, attached to a comfortable and sturdy adult headband. Very durable. 

DISCLAIMER: Because the ears are made from wood, please be aware that small chips and splinters MAY occur. They are sanded to the best of our ability, but with wood there is always this possibility. We are not responsible for any splinters that may arise.